Updating : ASeptember 2017.

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THE ARTIST : Marielauterre, her artist name, set up home not far from Paris at the edge of the forest of Rambouillet where she finds her inspiration in the wonders of nature. She has learnt pottery with several teachers, joined groups of life drawing and works under sculptors Natasha Mercier and Christophe Charbonnel. Today the artist comes into her own. She was born into a family of French and Italian artists and musicians and has decided to honour the memory of her father, Lorenzo Codini. 
HER SCULPTURES, in clay, plaster or bronze tell a story, express an emotion, evoke feelings or the impression left by a face seen in the street. Some can be abstract, a meanderings of her thoughts and dreams, others deliberately unfinished, maybe the influence of Klimt… We find in the jewellery and potteries the same need to fix what she has seen : the colours and materials, whether they are borrowed from the trees, the seaside, the desert or the seasons. Always on the look out for new colours or tracks left by water, wind or animals, MarielauTerre tries to recreate them in clay, in enamel or sheen shades. The artist wishes to freeze magical moments in order to share them with other people.